The Blue Chauffeur Series is a series of paintings carved out of a hectic schedule and a head space influenced by voices other than my own. It is a realization that despite all of these things I will still do what I love, pick myself up and paint what makes me happy.

I used to be an artist, but now I find myself driving. Pick ups and drop offs have become a regular routine. Some days the monotony and dullness of repetition are accompanied by the voices of those who say I shouldn’t. They chip away at my soul. I am unable to break free. The days of deciding what I want to do with my time are over. Those decisions are made for me and I feel cheated. Defeated.


But then I snap out of it. I look over. The clouds are parting and I can see the beauty of what I am passing. That feeling of inspiration comes back. I can see clearly that I am fortunate to have these driving days- they are busy but limited. My passengers will soon be driving themselves. I remember that what I used to be is what I am. 


As I drive, I let the things I see sink in. I see the land go by as I saw it as a child driving with my parents. I stop the car, take a quick picture and make myself a promise to paint it later.

What's the point of all this art stuff if you can't even add 12 plus 17?  12x36
Birch Frame  SOLD
Edge of the Afternoon in Creighton  12x36"
Birch Frame  SOLD
Through the storm I can see the way home.  12x36"
Birch Frame  SOLD
Best Part of the Drive   17x10"
Birch Frame  SOLD
Hey, that's pretty.  16x20"
Birch Frame  $300
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